SEO and Facebook Marketing

2 min read

To discuss how Facebook marketing impact SEO, the first thing you need to know is what is SEO and what are the ranking factors of it. SEO, as you may know, increase your ranking in search engines by optimizing your website. There are over 200 factors affecting the website ranking, such as content quality, domain authority, user experience and page speed. The higher the score of these factors, the higher the ranking. Then you will wonder if Facebook marketing have the influence on SEO as it is not your website. Let’s take a look at deeper the picture. One of the ranking factors is website traffic, by increase it through inserting a website link to your Facebook. Another win-win situation is posting your latest blogs on website in Facebook frequently to attract more people to visit your site. What’s more, Facebook profiles sometimes can appear in search results. Another way to increase website traffic. 

To leverage the impact of Facebook marketing in SEO, you are advised to adopt both in your digital marketing campaign. If you are new to digital world or if you have limited budget but want to take both, do Facebook marketing yourself and finding a SEO agency in Hong Kong to help you. As Facebook is more easy to manipulate while SEO needs expertise in which the SEO agency in Hong Kong could provide this kind of expertise. But of course, if a SEO agency Hong Kong can also provide some kind of Facebook marketing services would be even better.