What is Endovascular Treatment?

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Esteem Surgical Clinic, a reputable medical center in Hong Kong is offering exceptional endovascular treatment for patients with vascular problems. These procedures are minimally invasive and they are used to treat several vascular diseases, such as peripheral arterial disease, known as PAD, carotid artery disease, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and others.

Preventative endovascular treatment is highly advised for patients that suffer from some vascular diseases. Before their issues escalate, they should take all the necessary measures to improve their conditions. At Esteem Surgical Clinic, prestigious specialists can diagnose and treat even the most complicated cases of DVT, PAD, and other diseases. Patients need to book a checkup, bring their medical history and share their symptoms with the doctors. Following that, specialists will run several tests to get clear results of patients’ conditions and they will suggest an adequate endovascular treatment.

Some of the symptoms of vascular diseases are numbness, heaviness and weakness in muscles, burning or aching pain, commonly in toes, varicose veins, and restricted mobility, among others. In the case of PAD, patients experience coldness in the lower part of the leg or foot, especially on one side. Their pulse is weak in the legs or feet and they experience frequent cramping. These early symptoms can help identify the disease on time so the endovascular treatment can remove all the potential risks.

Apart from the treatment and removal of the threats, Esteem Surgical Clinic helps patients improve their lives and reduce the risk of the reappearance of vascular diseases. With comprehensive services, specialists aim to assist all patients in living healthy, risk-free long lives.

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