Hong Kong Wine Course Trains New Wine Connoisseurs

2 min read

CorVino has been teaching wine lovers advanced techniques and knowledge in the field for over 15 years. The most popular Hong Kong Wine Course at CorVino is WSET. The first level introduces the world of wine to participants; they have an opportunity to explore different styles and types of wine. Members use taste, smell, and sight to differentiate wines and describe them. As they progress, participants can start using the knowledge and new skills for food and wine pairings as well as selecting the best wines according to people’s preferences.

The second level of the WSET Hong Kong Wine Course explores the grape varieties in the world and the regions where they grow. Participants combine theory and testing to get familiar with styles and quality. At this point of the course, members will know how to describe wines accurately and confidently. They will be ready to get involved in wine companies more as they will acquire skills that are highly requested by companies that produce or sell wines nationally and internationally.

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines is created for people that already have a decent level of knowledge and technique in wines. The Hong Kong Wine Course teaches members more about wine styles, as well the popularity and prices of sparkling and fortified wines in the world. This course certifies that the person that passes it is qualified enough to become a wine professional. Upon completion, participants can decide whether they want to use the certificates to build careers in the field or they simply want to enjoy different tastes as wine connoisseurs.