WSET Hong Kong Helps Enthusiasts Become Professional in Wine

2 min read

CorVino is an elite wine school that provides professional classes that educate participants on wine and sake. The most popular course at CorVino is WSET Hong Kong. It has 3 levels in Wines and 3 levels in Sake; attendees can choose the course depending on their level of knowledge and skills.

The first level of WSET Hong Kong has a high participation rate and the results of the course are outstanding. Educators introduce the world of wines to participants and teach them the basics required for any type of wine-related professional activity. Attendees of the course learn how to explore wines through smell, sight, and taste. As they progress, participants learn how to describe wines and pair them with suitable food.

After passing the WSET Hong Kong course, all the attendees receive a prestigious WSET certificate! It is an outstanding career addition and a valuable asset to people that work in the wine industry. It opens many possibilities that increase even more with other levels of the course! Thus, participants that pass the first level are welcome to attend higher levels immediately.

The second level of the WSET Hong Kong educates participants on grape varieties and the regions around the world where they are grown. To make the course interesting, educators combine theory and practice, which leads to great results. This course helps wine enthusiasts describe wines confidently and learn the difference between styles and quality of the beverage. Those that intend to pursue a career in the wine field can proceed to the third level of WSET and become professional wine tasters!