WSET Wine Course for Beginners and Professionals

2 min read

Wine enthusiasts, you can attend a top-quality WSET wine course in Hong Kong and gracefully enter the wine industry. Depending on your skills, you can start at a suitable level out of the three that WSET offers. If you are only a wine admirer, you should attend the first level and start developing your skills and learning about wines from the beginning.

There are three levels of WSET wine course and you can attend any of them at CorVino, a recognizable wine school in Hong Kong. Even if you are experienced in the field, you should preferably begin your CorVino journey at the first level. That way, you will learn interesting lessons that perhaps you didn’t have a chance to learn before (even if you passed some wine courses).

The first level is crucial for any wine enthusiast. Everything you learn on higher levels will be based on the first, which is the foundation of your knowledge and skills. You will learn how to explore wines through taste, smell, and sight. You will also learn how to pair foods and drinks; it will be enough to impress your friends and family!

If you want to go further than impressing people around you, you should proceed to the second level of the WSET wine course. You will develop the skills you initially acquired and you will improve your knowledge of the wine industry. After passing each course, you will obtain a certification that will serve as a strong reference for your future professional endeavors in the field.