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Website hosting, website designing, domain name sale and transfer,website development, computers and accessories sale, access to service provides, access to the rightful information, access to computer based skills, software development, software maintenance, software updating, graphics designing, software installations, hardware repair and maintenance, Blanding, creative art, advertisement, media agency, online advertsiment.

   Novus Terra Technologies

What We Offer

Services all offered at a subsidized price to suit the needs of the community.

Web Hosting

We can develop/ design websites for businesses
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Computer Based Training

We offer computer based skills to people ranging from
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Software Developement

We have a team of skilled software engineers that
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Printer Services

We offer the following services in like with
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Hardware Repair & Maintance

We can handle all your hardware problems. We
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Online Advertisement

We handle advertisement for schools, NGO,
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Computer Sale & Accessories

We sell laptops, desk tops, note books, computers
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Secretarial & Info Management

We handle secretarial for you by typing,
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Creative Art

We handle secretarial for you by typing,
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Computers On Sale Call us now: +256 704 720 555.

   Novus Terra Technologies

Helping the socities of Uganda have access to the best technological services.

Driven by the desire, to offer ICT related technological services to African societies at favorable costs and to help all people have access to information, Novus Terra Technologies was set up in 2012. The company has been operational with it mission till now.
Novus Terra technologies works with information Access Uganda to advocate for access to the rightful information especially in the lowest communities where the level of technology are still too low. Join us in the cause; promote African Technology


Societies equipped with knowledge and use of computers.


To facilitate technological access to the society of the present and the future.


The Heart Of Technology.

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Team Work
  • Reliability
   Novus Terra Technologies

Our philosophy

The world where all people have access to the rightful information.

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