Driven by the desire, to offer I.C.T related technological services to
African societies at favorable costs and to help all people have access to
information, Novus Terra Technologies was set up in 2012. The company
has been operational with it mission till now.

We have worked with a number of youth organizations and business enterprises
in Uganda and worldwide to bridge this technology gap through training and
innovations suitable for the local communities.
We recently conducted a survey targeting the youth who are
the main pillars of societal transformation and we found that
in Kassanda district only 10% (numbers over total studied)
had access to smart phones which are the main sources of
modern computer applications. Of these less than 17%
could access information with the help of working smart phone
(Novus Terra Information). Further document review indicated that
the Eastern region had less than 10% Internet users and access to smart phones.
This leaves approximately a 90% gap of individuals without smart
phones and unlikely to use Internet.