Food Photography Blog Recommendations

1 min read

Do you enjoy photography? How about food? If you love them both, here are some epic food photography blog recommendations for you. First, Christina Peters’s blog. From ‘behind the scenes’, ‘food and prop styling’, and ‘food photo lighting’, to ‘shooting techniques’, ‘food photo business’, ‘post production’, and ‘editing techniques’, Christina Peter’s blog has it all. I love how she offers free guides and eBooks on her blog as well. I find the smartphone shooting tips and equipment suggestions featured extremely useful. The next blog I would like to share with you is We Eat Together. From the ‘food styling’ section, you learn about some amazing food photography backdrops, tips to crush a food styling time-lapse, ways to create food photography composition, etc. Just like the previous blog mentioned, it offers free downloadable resources and guides. Finally, Use Your Noodles. I like how it right away provides the options of ‘5-minute recipes’, ‘15-minute recipes’, ‘30-minute recipes’, etc on the home page. All the busy moms and dads at home should find this categorization extremely helpful. The free 5-day food photography course there is amazing as well.

Some food photography blogs provide food news and photography news in addition to recipes and shooting tips. I hope the above blog recommendations appeal to you and you learn a thing or two there!