Limited Partnership Funds HK for Investors

2 min read

Since 31st August 2020, investors in Hong Kong can access the Limited Partnership Funds HK program. The government of Hong Kong introduced this regime to attract private investors with numerous benefits. LPF is a framework of private fund management that allows the registration of private funds as limited partnerships. This program protects the benefits of the investors and provides high-standard investment management.  

To apply for the Limited Partnership Funds HK, interested parties need to prepare and submit a form, followed by other required documents. To complete the registration quickly and effectively, investors are highly advised to hire a consulting company in HK. CityLinkers provides an all-inclusive Limited Partnership Funds HK service to their clients. This team assists clients in all stages of the program, including the LPF setup, the collection and review of all agreements and documents, as well as the coordination of the applications, among other activities. 

Apart from the Limited Partnership Funds HK, CityLinkers offers a BVI Offshore Company Registration service. The goal of this program is also to attract investors. This time, to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Businessmen from Hong Kong can use numerous benefits of setting up a BVI offshore company. Namely, companies must only pay minimal government fees annually to the offshore jurisdiction. That is one of several tax-related benefits of the BVI Offshore Company Registration. Another important factor is the government’s confidentiality that meets the highest standards. 

Investors can build the company image, have a more organized, clearer company management, and enjoy numerous tax and trading benefits with the BVI Offshore Company Registration. To get the full experience and start the project safely, clients need a professional team of assistants with experience in offshore investments. CityLinkers is a reputable consulting group that provides end-to-end services in Hong Kong. To learn more about investment plans with enormous business potential, clients can book a consultation with the CityLinkers team and find the program that suits their capabilities and business vision.