Virtual Career Fair Platform Takes Online Meetings

2 min read

COVID19 made us re-question everything we know and rebuild everything we have. The new circumstances pushed us to create new solutions for everything, including the way we communicate. UC. Now, a Virtual Career Fair Platform, introduced an innovative system to connect teams and facilitate the job of employers, employees, trainers, and trainees.

On UC. Now, users can get the advantage of the innovative Employee Training Scheduling Solution. Interviewing and hiring became notably difficult due to the consequences of the Coronavirus. This Virtual Career Fair Platform gives employers a set of scheduling and organization options that make the hiring process more effective and accurate.

The Employee Training Scheduling Solution enables the Administrator of the board to schedule interviews on the Virtual Career Fair Platform. The Admin can choose the time slot options for interviews and submit them. The software will organize the interviews automatically.

Apart from the advanced Employee Training Scheduling Solution that mainly serves for business purposes, UC. Now is also useful for online tutoring, lessons and other collective virtual meetings.

The Administrator of the project can invite the trainer and trainees to the Virtual Career Fair Platform via email. The trainer can upload teaching materials that the trainees will access when they join the channel. This program makes online classes more organized and informs all participants about the exact time of the meeting.

Online gatherings expanded enormously over the last two years but it is only the beginning of virtual meetings. UC. Now is allowing users to access the Virtual Career Fair Platform from different devices, lower the start-up costs, and have a high-quality real-time collaboration; all in one place.