Hong Kong Luxury Yacht – Better Experience Than 5-star Hotel

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Hong Kong luxury yacht does not serve only to transport passengers. In contrary, yacht owners use these vehicles mostly for relaxation and joy. Top-class yachts like Prestige Powerboat feature high-tech, gadgets, pools, furniture and other equipment that makes yachts even better than 5-star hotels. For that reason, people that can afford elite boats do not hesitate to purchase, upgrade, or collect yachts.

To enjoy the full experience of a Hong Kong luxury yacht, you should choose a yacht that meets all your requirements. You can find one at Asian Yachting; a private yachting dealership and brokerage. This company sells new yachts of world-class brands, including the Prestige Powerboat, Fountain Pajot, and Monte Carlo.

Asian Yachting also offers used Hong Kong luxury yacht models. You can revise over 30 brands of yachts and buy a second-hand luxury boat in a great condition, for an excellent price. At Asia Yachting, all used watercraft meets the highest standards of safety and performance. You can be sure that your boat operates impeccably! By purchasing a new or used Prestige Powerboat or other yachts, you will receive all the documentation shortly. The Asia Yachting team will help you become a legal owner by completing the purchase protocols quickly so you will be able to enjoy your new Hong Kong luxury yacht shortly.

Additionally, Asian Yachting offers an exclusive boat management service. It includes several packages that will make your yachting journey even more enjoyable. You can hire a team for all the insurance work, mooring, cleaning, maintenance, finance management and other services related to your yacht.