Why is Lab Diamond so Popular in Hong Kong?

2 min read

Lab diamond is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong as LABSTAR, a brand that integrates diamond production, wholesale and retail makes its way to jewellery admirers. It took a few decades to be able to produce jewellery from lab-grown diamonds but the big step was made in the last decade. Now, people in Hong Kong can finally purchase eco-friendly diamonds that look the same as earth-mined gemstones.

LABSTAR advocates green jewellery so the lab diamond is especially popular among open-minded people that care about our planet. This group is expanding each day and so does the clientele of LABSTAR.

Although this brand is most popular in Hong Kong, other parts of the world are showing interest in the lab diamond as well. Hence, LABSTAR started to collaborate with international partners that could bring lab-grown diamonds closer to people across the globe.

The goal of LABSTAR is to make it possible for every girl to have a diamond ring she will be proud of! So far, that idea was almost impossible, primarily because of the price of earth-mined diamonds. However, the price of the lab diamond is significantly lower, making it easier for more jewellery enthusiasts to own beautiful jewels.

Despite the price difference, lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds look almost identical. Only experts could recognize the difference. After seeing all the outstanding features of the diamonds grown in the lab, people are open to the idea of these stones becoming easily accessible and treading across the globe! LABSTAR is open to all types of collaborations so all jewellery stores and communities interested in the expansion of the grown diamonds can contact the service centre of the company and start prosperous and eventful partnerships.